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Hello and welcome to Travel Alphas. We’re glad you’re here!

We’re Maddy and Mauricio, an adventure-obsessed couple from Southern California.

In September 2014, we started Travel Alphas for people like us; for the people who daydream about far-flung places they can hardly pronounce; for the people who love to say yes to doing something crazy, and follow it up with a why not?; and for the people whose faces light up uncontrollably when the server brings a delicious plate of food.

On this website, we share our travel stories, photos, and tips with you, to inspire you to book that plane ticket and just go. Our goal is to challenge you to live, chase your wildest dreams, and see the world for yourself.

If this is your first time here, take a look at Our Ultimate Bucket List and FAQs.

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More about us…

We first met each other as four-year-old kindergarteners, playing in the sandbox and riding tricycles. Little Mauricio apparently had a crush on Little Maddy, even back then… In middle school, we were great friends. But we were also each other’s first kiss in the seventh grade. (Yes, we know. Cue the awwwwws.) When high school began, we made new friends and drifted apart. The end.

No, obviously not.

Four years later, we found our way back to each other, in the form of senior prom.

And now, over three years have passed. And here we are. Traveling the world together, with no signs of stopping! Except when university gets in the way, that is…

Mauricio recently completed his undergraduate degree in legal studies in New York City, and now attends law school in San Diego. Maddy is based in Orange County, finishing up her bachelor’s degree in strategic and corporate communication.

Whenever we’re not in school, though — which totals to a little over four months per year — we’re exploring the world, one country at a time. And speaking of, we’ve visited 40 countries together! Not bad, eh?

Now, let’s sum us up into a paragraph: We’re all about exploring our beautiful planet and experiencing everything it has to offer. Cooking, beaching, snowboarding, hiking, and eating are a few of our favorite pastimes. We love all kinds of travel, whether it’s to a big city, a beach town, or a mountain resort. We will never turn down a delicious-smelling food truck, even if we’ve just stuffed our faces with a five-course meal. We’re always game for any adventure. (Unless said adventure involves heights. In that case, Maddy goes it alone while Mauricio watches from the sidelines…) And lastly, we love what we do, here on this website; we love to be inspired, and most importantly, we love to inspire you.

On this website, we often partner with travel and lifestyle brands to bring you the latest and greatest within the realms of luxury travel, adventure, and food. But don’t worry, everything we publish here reflects only our real, honest opinions and experiences. 

Again, welcome to Travel Alphas. We’re happy you’re here.


Maddy & Mauricio

P.S. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please do so here.

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